What Would Francis Do?

 When our school’s namesake, Francis of Assisi, was young, he wasn’t the greatest example of a Christian.  He led a life of worldly pleasure, enjoying the riches he was born into in a carefree lifestyle. It was only after coming back from a war that he had a spiritual awakening to become the saint we know today.  He began to turn his back on his previous way of life, choosing to live serving God and his fellow man.  In fact, he began donating so much of his monetary inheritance that his father disowned him.  In his travels that followed, Francis converted many to Christianity and preserved nature, adhering to the ways of Christ for the rest of his days, building a reputation as the patron saint of animals and the environment.

Make-A-Difference Day is an annual event at our school that allows students to help around the school.  However, it isn’t simply an event – it’s an opportunity.  It’s an opportunity to be more like Saint Francis and, by extension, Jesus Christ by helping our community.  

Make-A-Difference Day is an opportunity to improve ourselves by working to better the world around us and we should begin to see it as such.  Many of us make the mistake of approaching community service as a chore when it should mean so much more to us.  Community service is just that: a service to the people around us.  Helping others is something that should be relished, not lamented.

     With all this in mind, I challenge you to enjoy the next act of community service you take part in.  I challenge you to think of the difference you are making in the lives of those you are helping and the days that you may have just brightened by choosing to lend a helping hand.  I challenge you to be eager to make a difference, just like Saint Francis, and just like Jesus Christ.

A Good Rivalry

Rivalry is “the competition or superiority in the same field.”  Everywhere we go, for the rest of our lives we will be faced with competition. In the past if I had to say we had a rival playing volleyball, I’d say HBA. They are a skilled volleyball team and always a challenge. For the past two seasons that I’ve been playing JV, our games with them were always close. They’ve beat us in the past, but we’ve also comeback and beat them as well. This past game that we’ve had with them this season, it was especially close. They had just beat us in the first set and we took the second. So we were forced to play for the third to decide the winner of the game. I especially remember this game because we were up and up with them for literally the entire game–they would get a point and then we would get a point. It was the most stressful game of my life there was so much pressure. We ended up going to 26-24 and we took the game. I was so happy that it was all over and that we took the win. We play them again two weeks from now and I know they’ll be dying to beat us. It’s happened before. I remember freshman year that we had a super close game and beat them on their home court and then they ended up beating us the second time around on our home court. I think we’ll be okay though because we won that game with two of our setters sit out because they were injured and we had Shandy, who is a freshman, set for the entire game by herself. I’d say we won that game because we kept the energy up and set our mind to the goal that we really wanted to win. I believe that if you want something bad enough and you work for it how badly you want it, you can achieve it.

Seniors Welcome Freshman And Build Relationships

Being a freshman can be kind of scary, but here at Saint Francis School we have a way to make the transition from middle school to high school a little easier.

One of the many traditions we have is our Big Sibling/Little Sibling event. This event consists of a senior (big sibling) being paired up with either one or two freshmen (little sibling/s). Over the span of two cycles, big siblings and little siblings exchange letters and gifts, such as candy, gift cards, food, and stuffed animals.

The fun part of this tradition is that this gives freshmen a chance to try and guess who their older sibling is.  Freshman Isaiah San Diego says, “I look forward to meeting my big sibling.  I kind of have an idea of who they are, and I’m really excited to see if I’m right or not.”

Many teachers believe that this is a great way to get freshmen more comfortable with being high schoolers.  Senior Homeroom Teacher Señora Rivas Roblin says, “It is a tradition that is fun to watch as the seniors welcome the freshmen to high school.  It helps to bond the divisions that are three years apart.”

Freshmen see this event as something fun and exciting.  They can’t wait to meet their big sibling.  Seniors anxiously look forward to the event as well. Senior Class President Tiare Guerrero says, “I expect to take away a relationship between my little sibling and I, as well as the bond between the senior and freshmen class.”

On August 31, 2016, Freshmen will have a chance to meet their sibling.  It will also be the first and last time that they are permitted to step foot in the senior courtyard until they are seniors. This bond and relationship will be an unforgettable experiences for both classes.

A Black Tie Affair: A Time to Let School Go for One Night

A student should at least experience going to prom once or twice in their life. Prom can be a struggle for many trying to create the perfect image of what they wish to look like.  Students invest a lot of time putting together the right outfit for prom.  Other students embrace the task of making their prom the best yet.

Kylie Tyau, a senior on the prom committee, said “We worked really hard on prom.”  The prom committee put their best effort into planning and decorating and it looked beautiful.

Shelly Gary, another senior on the prom committee, commented on her prom experience, saying, “I enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up and slick-looking. I also enjoyed the food and seeing everyone dancing and having fun.”

Teachers even had a good time.  Mr.Lombard and his wife graced the dance floor when “Uptown Funk” played.

This year’s king and queen of prom were Erica Santiago and Kyle Savellano.  Everyone cheered and was excited to see one of the favorite couples win.

“A Black Tie Affair” was a success in many ways.  The true value may not have been tied to one specific memory, but to the people who shared the experience.

Senior Kylie Tyau said, “I was really excited to get together with all my friends for just one night and have a good time.”  Senior Shelly Gary added, “It was nice to not worry about school work and just let that go for one night.”

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