Under the Hood: #IBelieve-The Chant that United a School

It started on May 27, 2014.  ESPN released a special FIFA World Cup commercial flashing signs of the likes of Ronaldo, Ghana, Germany, and the U.S. Men’s National Team in the “Group of Death.” It was based on a chant called “I Believe.” The chant soon went viral across the United States, soccer and non-soccer fans, drawing more than a million views in just two days. It made its way into football stadiums and now it has reached Saint Francis School. It was made famous, of course, by myself, former writer and this year’s special contributor, Alexander Tumalip. The idea behind it originated from watching previous years of Saint Francis football.

Tired of seeing hard-fought losses, I decided it was time for a change. I found the commercial on YouTube and sent it to Ms. Tabali the Tuesday before the homecoming game vs. Pac-Five. I pitched the idea to the band before we left in the sweltering heat for Aloha Stadium. Sporting Carolina blue and holding musical instruments, we trudged into Section M and took our seats. Suddenly, something snapped, and the chant took off. The fans suddenly heard:

“I!” (Repeat: “I!”) “I believe!” (Repeat) “I believe that!” (Repeat) “I believe that we!” (Repeat) “I believe that we will win!” (Repeated) The chant caught in the section like wildfire.  Soon, all the students and some of the teachers that made it to the game emphatically joined in. The chant stunned the Pac-Five fans in Aloha Stadium.

Even though the Saints lost 26-21, Ms. Won, the Student Organization president, came to me and said that it was the best support that the football team had ever received. It also reminded me of what former Saint Francis student Ace Diego said two years ago, “If you believe, you can achieve.”

The chant will march to every game this season.  The next opportunity to voice your support for our Saints is Saturday, September 13 versus Punahou. Tell me Saint Francis, “DO YOU BELIEVE?”


Making History Every Field Goal SHE Makes


This varsity football season, Saint Francis School is making history. For the first time ever, we have a female kicker, Chenoa Johnston. I interviewed her to see how she feels to hold such an honor.

When asked what made her want to join the football team she said, “I was at the first game of last year and we were playing Iolani. I heard that they had a girl on their team.  I knew I wanted to play, but I didn’t really think it would happen because I didn’t think I was necessarily good at anything. During soccer season, I realized that I could kick pretty good.  Then, one day, Uncle Kyle told me to try kick the football.  He said I was really good and it just sounded different. After that, I wanted to play because I realized that I could kick and the team didn’t have a kicker.”

Like any other player getting ready to play a game, Chenoa gets nervous, too. I asked her if she gets less nervous with each game she plays.  She said, “After the first kick of my first game I had such an adrenaline rush.  I knew this was something that I loved to do. At the Canada game, I had a sense of what was going to happen.  I was more focused and comfortable, but I still had that amazing feeling after kicking and hearing everyone cheering for me.” Since this is her first year playing football, Chenoa has been faced with some challenges to overcome. She said the most difficult thing about football has been when she first came out to play. She did not know the boys too well and she did not feel like she fit in. At first, she dreaded going to practice.  It felt really awkward and she would have anxiety. Now, she feels like she is in a big family.  They all treat her like she is one of the boys.

Since Chenoa has played soccer, I asked her if football is like any other sport she has ever played.  She said, “Not at all. I feel so much more important.  I finally feel like I found a sport that I truly enjoy playing and I’m sad that I started playing so late. Playing with so many boys is obviously a lot different, but at this point, they are all like brothers to me.”

All the extra points truly help during a game and Chenoa is doing all she can to make history with every single field goal she makes…………………….





The Important Decision Day

May 1, 2014 was a very important day for seniors who will be attending college next fall.  This day was the official deadline for seniors in high school to declare which school they will be attending for the next school year.  Many students have chosen to attend colleges, while others have chosen to remain in Hawaii.

Deciding which college or university to attend was definitely a difficult decision to make.  Some were worried about encountering different cultures in the mainland, financial issues, or simply being homesick.  However after long consideration, seniors feel like they’ve made the correct decision for what college to attend.  Most seniors who are going away for the next four years will be attending college on the west side of the United States.  Many will be attending colleges in Oregon, while others will be spending their college life in California and Colorado.  Students who have decided to say in Hawaii will be attending Chaminade, University of Hawaii, UH West Oahu, Hawaii Pacific, HCC, or KCC.

College decisions were definitely a stressful time for seniors.  Many issues arose in deciding which college or university would be the best fit.  However, seniors have finally made their decisions and will most likely be spending their next four years in colleges that they believe are the best fits for them.

Rough Housing Around the School

Students of St. Francis have recently been rough housing more often and dangerously. As stated by Jacqueline Bassett, “Today I saw a sophomore boy running on top of the ASC tables; I also saw two boys running around the ASC carrying the Hawaiian state flag and the US flag.” The ASC tables could easily collapse bringing the sophomore down with them. It’s not only inappropriate to mess around in the ASC, but it’s also dangerous. “I always see boys messing around with the tall boy, bullying David” said junior Rachel Schnider. Rough housing can lead to hurting others feeling because it ends up being bullying.

As teenagers, students often think it’s funny to play around whether it be joking or physically playing around, but there’s a time and place for everything. Open mods are not the time to goof off, they are meant for lunch, studying, and relaxing, but not to tease others or cause mayhem. Another anonymous  student said that lots of their classmates have been talking back to teachers due to frustration. It’s important as students that we control our anger. In those respects we should all work a little harder at remaining calm and casual in school.

Beats by… Apple?

On Thursday, May 8, Apple offered Dr. Dre $3.2 billion for the Beats Electronics audio company. Beats was originally started  by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre and is known best for its high-quality headphones. These famous headphones would be included in the deal for Apple, along with the Beats speakers and the recently released Beats Music subscription service.

A few months earlier, Jimmy Iovine gave Apple a clue of what would make their company even bigger than they already are. Since all that came with iPods and iPhones were tiny earbuds that only let out little sound, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, saw this as a huge opportunity. This move would be Apple’s largest ever. The final decision could be announced as early as this week.

Trader Joes’ Cookie Butter

Spreadable cookies?! Trader Joe’s made it happen! Their Speculoos Cookie Butter has become one of their most popular products, especially in Hawaii where ironically, a Trader Joe’s location doesn’t even exist.

How do we get the cookie butter? Let’s just say that whenever someone’s family member or friend goes to the mainland, we ask them to stock up on every kind of cookie butter to bring to the islands.

If you don’t already love cookie butter, you should know that there are various kinds out there on the mainland. Trader Joe’s has the classic smooth Cookie Butter, the Crunchy Cookie Butter with some cookie pieces added in, and the Cookie & Cocoa Swirl with a chocolate twist. For me, the Cookie & Cocoa Swirl on some toast makes my mornings because I’m just not into the pure cookie taste.

According to The Daily Californian, some people say that the Speculoos Cookie Butter may even be replacing Nutella for your sweet spreadable needs, but that’s all up to you. If you haven’t tasted it already, I think it’s time.

O, Canada: The Bands are Coming!

Sound the Mounties! They’re coming, eh? On April 22, St. Francis will have a golden opportunity to host three schools from outside the United States. There are three schools coming from north of the border, in British Columbia, Canada, to be exact. The secondary schools coming to visit are: Burnaby North, Cariboo Hills Secondary School, and Ecole Alpha Secondary School, which all are from Burnaby, British Columbia.

For the modified schedule for the visit, please visit St. Francis’ Edline page under Canadian Band Visit. Or, if you don’t have an account, see the PDF file here: https://www.edline.net/files/_zKFrt_/9f47c6576e04e04b3745a49013852ec4/Canadian_Band.pdf

Happy Canada Day, everyone! (Not technically, it’s for us, anyway!)


Written by Alexander Tumalip


Divergent Movie Review

Originally a novel in May 2011 written by Veronica Roth, Divergent left its audience the same way it left its readers – absorbed and infatuated (and we’re not only talking about the girls who swoon over the looks of Four). Everything from the combination of romance and action to the constant suspense definitely contributed to the audiences reactions.

Divergent is about a girl named Beatrice (Shailene Woodley) who lives in a society divided into factions. When the time came, she, her brother and all the other kids were tested to see which faction they belonged to – Abnegation (the selfless), Erudite (the intelligent) , Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), or Candor (the honest). Beatrice’s results from her test came out inconclusive, which is a rare case where someone is able to conquer their fears. They called it “Divergent” and it was so rare that the society saw them as outcasts and they tried to wipe them out completely. The only way to survive was for Divergents to hide and blend into a faction. Beatrice just happened to choose Dauntless where she renamed herself Triss. Triss faced many challenges and tests just to even be initiated in Dauntless. She had several issues blending in until she met Four (Theo James) who helped her survive. As Four helps her get through Dauntless alone, they are put through even bigger problems with the entire society.

Divergent will have you hanging off your seat for the entire two hours. As if the action isn’t enough, the difficulties that are faced between Triss, Four and their relationship will keep you thinking about the movie. Even if you’re not a reader, it may even inspire you to read the novel.

Ice Cream Social

There will be an Ice cream social for all seniors on May 23 at 11:00am in the Saint Francis School gym. The choice of ice cream will be between chocolate and vanilla ice cream along with topping such as chocolate syrup, nuts, and more. Seniors will get to play a life size Jenga or have the option of getting active and play baseball. Entertaining the event will be senior Anthony DiTucci with his skillful DJ-ing mix.

This event is a way for the seniors to celebrate their accomplishments and to bring the class of 2014 together as one. Mrs. Won wants the students to leave the school with a positive memory of friends, teachers and events they shared with the school. “I’m trying to build up the alumnai and traditions,” says Mrs. Won with pride. “This event is a way of setting the way to keep the graduates active in their high school.”  Endowment is a way for the seniors to give back to the school and provide for the lowerclassman so that they may also live a successful school year. By doing this, it creates a legacy for the seniors.

Prior to the Ice cream social, the school had Mother Daughter, Father Daughter luncheon. It was a forgotten tradition that faded over time however, the graduating class of 2012 brought back the tradition for one last time. “It was the last class of all girls and we wanted to commemorate that event.” Says Mrs. Won. “The Mother and Daughter lunch in was a way of closing that tradition so that a new one can be created.”

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