Under the Hood Summer Stories: That Time Again

A chant still rings in my head after the feat of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team winning the first world title since 1999 (don’t be surprised if I walk around with championship shirt). Yes, people, it’s that time again! It seems hard to believe that the preseason in state football begins in two weeks from now, which is my personal Christmas. After two promising wins versus Southern Alberta Secondary and Keaau Cougars last year, the Saints let their first back-to-back games in which they were leading slip away in the second half last year versus Pac-Five and Kamehameha. However, with much of the intermediate that went undefeated two years in a row, the team has lofty expectations in front this year.

Here’s what you need to know before the season starts on August 8 in preseason A versus Anuenue.

  • The ILH was realigned off-season with the Iolani Raiders leaving Division II, leaving only Pac-Five and Damien with Saint Francis.
  • The Saints will only have four league games, all at Aloha Stadium.
  • For the third consecutive season, the Saints open a neighbor island team.
  • The team returns the two seniors and much of the intermediate team that went undefeated.
  • All games will start after 6:00pm for the first time in team history.

Saint Francis Saints 2015 Season Schedule

  • Preseason A vs Anuenue (August 8, TBD at Castle/Kaiser)
  • Preseason B at Konawaena (August 15, 6:00pm)
  • Preseason C vs Honokaa (August 22, 6:00pm at Ching Field)
  • Preseason D vs Murieta Mesa (August 28, 6:00pm at Ching Field)
  • Week 1 vs. Pac-Five (9/11, 7:45pm at Aloha Stadium)
  • Week 2 vs. Damien (9/19, 6:00pm at Roosevelt)
  • Week 4 vs. Pac-Five (10/2, 7:45pm at Aloha Stadium)
  • Week 5 vs. Damien (10/9, 5:15pm at Aloha Stadium)

Playoff spots: Top seed gets bye to Division Final, two-seed plays three-seed in Division Semi Final.

Week 3 is a bye.

So now, we analyse. The preseason is a good test for the team to try  out different combinations of veterans with unproven talent as of yet. I’m not saying that this team will let us down, but there will be hiccups as another year of rebuild begins. The bright side to this: Division II playoffs look a lot more friendly now to get through with the departure of Iolani.

  • Week 1, 4 vs. Pac-Five: We now know that Pac-Five will be a huge target in the first week of league play. It’s important we get off to a good start. Even with Tsubasa Brennan graduated, it is still probable to run into trouble. Especially with junior quarterback Kainoa Ferreira returning, he can still torch the Saints inexperienced defence. Will it be enough? The lost leads of 14-7,  21-14, and 21-20 may say no. In this instance, one says no, the other yes.

Prediction: Week 3=Pac-Five 21, Saint Francis 19, Week 6=Saint Francis 20, Pac-Five 0

  • Week 2, 5 vs. Damien: Ah, yes. The rivalry continues. With the Monarchs adding fuel to the fire of last’s year games, this year is no different. In Week 3, I will lead the band and make everyone believe. If our defence can hold up and the offence can get off on right foot, that’s a good sign. That leads us to our first ever ILH win and then another one in Week 7.

Prediction: Week 5=Saint Francis 27, Damien 13, Week 7=Saint Francis 50, Damien 12

Jaylieen and Odessa Lead Our Seniors Into The Sunset

High school includes a lot of hard work. Jaylieen Cesneros and Odessa Tolentino have put so much effort into their studies that they are the top two students of the class of 2015.

2015 Valedictorian: Jaylieen Cesneros

2015 Salutatorian: Odessa Tolentino

After the ceremony, Odessa Tolentino said,  “After the whole thing was announced, I got teary-eyed from seeing my mom (Mrs. Tolentino) cry because she was so proud.”

Jaylieen Cesneros said, “Although I’m a little nervous about making a Valedictorian speech, I definitely feel honored to be the Valedictorian because it shows how the amount of effort I’ve put into school has paid off.”

Everyone should set high goals in high school . It’s the first step to success, and maybe the easiest one. Working toward the goals you set is the hard part. Odessa, for example, says, “I actually stay up really late usually doing homework or studying. I’ve had nights when I would get as little as four hours of sleep!”

If you take the initiative, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. Jaylieen says, “Getting this far took a lot of time, motivation, dedication, and most of the time, sleepless nights.”

Odessa’s parting words are, “As cliche as it may sound, always study, do homework, and get good grades. School is definitely hard, but by putting in a lot of hard work and determination, it’ll pay off in the long run.”

Jaylieen Cesneros and Odessa Tolentino lead our seniors into the sunset of their Saint Francis days.  However, their futures are just beginning to rise.


Travel Changes Lives: Europe Trip 2016

Do you want to get off this island and see parts of the world that you don’t get to normally see? Well, during the summer of 2016, Saint Francis is offering students to go on a trip to Europe. Places students will visit include, Spain, France and Italy. You will get to broaden your horizons and learn how to dance the Flamenco, explore the Roman Empire, and visit the Sistine Chapel.

Not only do you get to go on a vacation, but it is also an amazing learning opportunity. Seeing all these countries is more than what you can learn in any history class and more than what you can see in your backyard.  It’s not something you get to do everyday. The feeling that you get with all the hands-on learning is something beyond words.

The knowledge you will gain on this trip will follow you throughout your life. When others see that you’ve traveled internationally for school, it shows that you have a drive to learn beyond the classroom. Not many people are presented with this type of opportunity, so if you have the chance, take it.

During the summer of 2014 a group of Saint Francis students traveled to London, Paris, Switzerland, Florence, Assisi, and Rome. They saw the Eiffel Tower, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Colosseum, Buckingham Palace, and much more.

Being on an island is difficult because you are limited to what you can see. You pretty much see the same thing every single day.  That is why this upcoming trip, Europe trip 2016, is perfect to go on.

The total cost of the trip is $5,704.  This includes airfare, transportation, hotels, meals, and other fees, such as admission prices. If cost is an issue for you, remember that the group fundraises for a year leading up to the trip to make it more affordable. If you have any questions about registering, the trip, fundraising, or anything else, see Group Leader, Mr. Funk.

For more details, you may also:

Ceremonies of Saint Francis Celebrating Achievement and Rites of Passage

Induction Ceremony

An important part of becoming a member of a specific group is the induction ceremony.  Near the end of every school year, Saint Francis School holds an Induction Ceremony for all of the honor societies. Honor societies recognize high achieving students in their subject area.

This year the Induction Ceremony will be held on Friday, May 1st. However, being inducted is not the first step to becoming a member of an honor society. Before induction occurs, a student must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Are they taking that course*?
  • Have they taken that class for the required amount of time in the subject area?
  • Have they met the final class grade criteria to be considered ? (usually no lower than a B)
  • Do they have at least the minimum required cumulative GPA? (usually no lower than 3.0)
  • Are they enrolled for the following school year?
  • Have they obtained the minimum number of community service hours for their grade?

If the student meets those criteria, they may be invited and given a formal letter.  If the student accepts the invitation to join the honor society, they will be inducted on the day of the Induction Ceremony. The Induction Ceremony consists of an acknowledgement of the new inductees, the honor society oath recited aloud, a certificate of membership, and a rose or lei given to the inductee.

Immediately following the Induction Ceremony is the Honor Cord Ceremony. The Honor Cord Ceremony is only applicable to seniors. Seniors who are in a honor society/societies are given a cord from their honor society. The cord represents that they have been in the society for at least two years and have achieved excellence in that subject. The cord is placed around their neck, ends at their back, and is sewn into their gown for graduation.

Candle Rose Ceremony

Another annually celebrated ceremony and rite of passage is the Candle Rose Ceremony. In this ceremony, juniors present the seniors a rose, representing their love. The seniors present a lit candle to the juniors. This signifies that they are the light that guides us. Juniors must carry on that responsibility of leadership as a senior next year. At the end of the ceremony, each class sings a prepared song for the other. This year’s Candle Rose Ceremony will be held on Tuesday, May 19th.

As the year comes to a close, Saint Francis School says goodbye to the seniors of the class of 2015. Their achievements are honored with a rose thanking them for their impact on the lives of the students of Saint Francis School.


*There are numerous honor societies, almost one for each subject. To be considered for an honor society of a subject, a student must be taking that class. Saint Francis School offers a number of honor societies, including:

– ASL National Honor Society

– Chinese Honor Society

– Japanese Honor Society

– Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)

– National Art Honor Society

– The National Honor Society

-The National Junior Honor Society

– National Technical Honor Society

– Tri-M Honor Society

-Tri-M Junior Honor Society

(For a full listing of all clubs and honor societies, check out the Saint Francis School website: stfrancis-oahu.org)

Main Man on the Track

Saint Francis Senior Justin Main has not finished lower than fourth place this year in the 400 meter dash. He has been running track and field at the varsity level since his freshman year. Main’s biggest challenge this track season was at the Ruby Tuesday Invitational; it included student-athletes from the OIA and ILH. During ILH track meets, Main consistently placed 1st and 2nd.

Although he lacks a field to run on, Main  finds every opportunity to run, including running at the University of Hawaii track. He has been preparing for the state tournament. Main said, “I am very prepared and can’t wait to race against everyone from all over the state. I am excited to see what level kids are these days. It’s such a great experience.”

Main plans on running track in college, but for now, he is focusing on the ILH qualifying meet. He added, “It will get me prepared for college because I know there will be kids like me out there and that’s what pushes me to get faster.“ This year’s state tournament is on Maui at War Memorial Stadium on May 15-16.  Main hopes to improve upon his 3rd place finish from last year.

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