“Peace and Joy” to all

Spirits were high the night of the annual Christmas concert.  Despite the cold weather, family, friends and guests filled the seats of the ASC and the bleachers outside, while students from both the elementary and high school warmed up their voices and instruments to help spread the Christmas cheer a little early.

To start off the show, the music departments of both the elementary and high school joined together in singing a local favorite, “Mele Kalikimaka”. Emcees, Kaulana and Lehua La’a kept the crowd in good spirits while the students got ready for their next pieces.

Sophomore Shinichiro Kono blew the crowd away with his opera solo of “Ave Maria.” His performance surely impressed the audience and put them in the mood for the rest of the program. The elementary school shared several pieces. Their enthusiastic energy came out in their rendition of “El Burrito Sabanero”.  From singing in Spanish to playing the ukulele, the elementary kids were a hard act to follow. “I thought they were adorable,” said Casey Cabanas. Then it was the high school’s turn to spread the cheer. The show choir brought laughs and smiles with their original choreography and flamboyant tutus in “The Nutcracker.” The chorus accompanied by the band and alumni, shared songs of peace and love. “It was entertaining to see my friends and brother perform this year,” stated Siarrah Llarinas. Music teacher and conductor of the night, Mrs. Llamedo had this to say about the overall performance of the concert and students hard work; “Everybody was awesome.”

Beautiful Girls With Beautiful Rings!

Juniors Chaena and Brooke smile with their rings.

“Another mass?” said the seventh grader. “I hope we don’t have to clean up”, said the eighth grader. “It better be short”, said the freshmen.  While the lower classmen may be incredulous to the importance of the ceremony, the upperclassmen are ecstatic. The sophomores are anticipating their chance to walk up on that stage next year; the seniors reminisce the moment Sister Joan gave them that beautiful ring. Now the spotlight will once again be placed on the juniors: class of 2012.

Junior year is the most important year in high school. The classes and extra-curricular activities you take are checked by colleges all over the country, and will help you shape your future career. The ring’s design represents all the hard work you put in fulfilling your goals.  The ring is molded out of silver or gold and is printed with the school’s name and the student’s graduation year. After Bishop Larry Silva blessed the rings, the juniors could not wait any longer. Who could not be eager to receive such a symbolic and beautiful ring?

The ring consists of many symbols representing the school. The ring has two distinguished shields, one symbolizing that you are a graduate and the other with a troubadour as the school mascot. The crest on the ring forms the saint Francis coat of arms. It consists the stigmata of Jesus and saint Francis in front of a cross symbolizing that they both were victims of the cross. The crest is surrounded by olive branches to represent peace and victory, and our school motto “Deus Meus Et Omnia” Latin for “My God, My All.”

The most bedazzling feature of the ring is the blue spinel tone that the crest is mounted upon.  The benevolent blue bears the colors of the Blessed Mother and our school colors. Although the design is simple, the meaning is intricate. It is a great honor for students to be able to wear the ring.  It will be a lifetime reminder of all the thrills of high school and how much pride you have for being a Saint Francis School student. Today, juniors will be wearing the ring facing them. On graduation, however, they will turn the ring facing the world. Then they shall become Saint Francis Alumni.

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