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2016 - 2017 Ke Alaka'i News Online Staff Here are a few interesting "facts" about each of our staff members, as well as two truths and a lie. Can you figure out which of the three choices are false?   David Murray Editor-in-Chief/Layout Supreme Dark Lord of Ke Alaka'i News || Self-proclaimed horror genre addict || #HarambeLivesMatter A. Once ate vanilla ice cream with ketchup B. Overanalyzies movies to the point where's it's obnoxious C. Collects teeth Paul McGhiey Editorial Assistant/Layout Not-Quite-Supreme Dark Lord of Ke Alaka'i News || Avid comic book fan || Six-Time World Champion Bodybuilder (*still under construction*) A. B. C. Kolbee Kealoha Featured Editor/Photography Editor Crazy One Direction Fan || Avid Reader || 6th-Year Gryffindor Witch and Closeted Disney Princess A. Has been to two One Direction concerts B. Has swallowed her own tooth before C. Has fainted during a blood checkup Allura Lusardi-Cohen Student Life and Events Editor Secretly a shark|| Want to live in a Volkswagen Van|| Ice Cube is my Dad A.  Went cage diving with sharks B. Ate a Sea Urchin whole C. Have to poop when I'm nervous   Michael Delicata Senior Class Editor Only leaves his house during a full moon || Lurks in the shadows and under your bed || Loves coffee A. Has a knife collection B. Has a ski mask collection C. Is currently waiting for you at home under your bed Ka'imi Kalei Sports Editor Secretly Mother Nature || Olympic Basketball player || Not very interesting A. Born on the beach B. Has ten cousins at Saint Francis C. Low-key wishes she was a cheerleader Chelsey Ishikawa Sports Editor Notorious sea shell dealer | Ex-anime lover | Married to a spunjah A. Has a twin brother B. I have no tonsils C. Been to Atlantis Mr Ragus Technical Advisor A. Got my appendix removed at 12 B. Swam  Great Barrier Reef C. I have a tattoo

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