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What Would Francis Do?

 When our school’s namesake, Francis of Assisi, was young, he wasn’t the greatest example of a Christian.  He led a life of worldly pleasure, enjoying the riches he was born into in a carefree lifestyle. It was only after coming back from a war that he had a spiritual awakening to become the saint we know today.  He began to turn his back on his previous way of life, choosing to live serving God and his fellow man.  In fact, he began donating so much of his monetary inheritance that his father disowned him.  In his travels that followed, Francis converted many to Christianity and preserved nature, adhering to the ways of Christ for the rest of his days, building a reputation as the patron saint of animals and the environment.

Make-A-Difference Day is an annual event at our school that allows students to help around the school.  However, it isn’t simply an event – it’s an opportunity.  It’s an opportunity to be more like Saint Francis and, by extension, Jesus Christ by helping our community.  

Make-A-Difference Day is an opportunity to improve ourselves by working to better the world around us and we should begin to see it as such.  Many of us make the mistake of approaching community service as a chore when it should mean so much more to us.  Community service is just that: a service to the people around us.  Helping others is something that should be relished, not lamented.

     With all this in mind, I challenge you to enjoy the next act of community service you take part in.  I challenge you to think of the difference you are making in the lives of those you are helping and the days that you may have just brightened by choosing to lend a helping hand.  I challenge you to be eager to make a difference, just like Saint Francis, and just like Jesus Christ.