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Main Man on the Track

Saint Francis Senior Justin Main has not finished lower than fourth place this year in the 400 meter dash. He has been running track and field at the varsity level since his freshman year. Main’s biggest challenge this track season was at the Ruby Tuesday Invitational; it included student-athletes from the OIA and ILH. During ILH track meets, Main consistently placed 1st and 2nd.

Although he lacks a field to run on, Main  finds every opportunity to run, including running at the University of Hawaii track. He has been preparing for the state tournament. Main said, “I am very prepared and can’t wait to race against everyone from all over the state. I am excited to see what level kids are these days. It’s such a great experience.”

Main plans on running track in college, but for now, he is focusing on the ILH qualifying meet. He added, “It will get me prepared for college because I know there will be kids like me out there and that’s what pushes me to get faster.“ This year’s state tournament is on Maui at War Memorial Stadium on May 15-16.  Main hopes to improve upon his 3rd place finish from last year.

The Science Fair Offers Worldly Experiences and Interstellar Opportunities

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I have a strong passion for science. I have always wanted to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). At one time, I wanted to be a paleontologist. Another time, I wanted to be an astronomer. In sixth grade, I was introduced to the science fair, beginning my love for the subject.

During the past two years of high school, I participated in the annual science fairs. That might not sound as cool as I think it is, but science fairs are actually very interesting. Students from all around the world work on a year-long or continuation project that they present during a fair.

The Experience

My sophomore year, I participated in the science fair at the senior division level for the first time. My project, “Do Galaxies Evolve?,” was a study of the evolution of galaxies based on their “redshift” or their distance away from us. I wondered, “If stars evolve, do galaxies evolve, too?” I concluded that galaxies do evolve. They evolve in the sense that they change in shape or form over “time.” A famous example of an evolving galaxy is one of a galactic collision, galaxy m51. Due to my project, I was able to participate in the 57th Annual Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair, held at the Hawaii Convention Center.

There were many interesting projects. The one that I remember most was a technological project. I unlocked my phone to look up something on the internet, thinking I could use the free Wi-Fi. As I opened my app, I received a notification saying that the internet had been blocked.  It identified the science project that had blocked it. I thought that that was clever.

My junior year, I participated again in the science fair. I worked on an engineering project with a partner. Our project researched implementations of a potential energy network-attached storage system that will store energy from intermittent sources, such as solar and wind.

The science fair offers new experiences to learn and try new things. However, this is not the only benefit. In district fairs, participating students have the opportunity to win awards. They also have the opportunity to win a trip to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), held every year in May.

In state fairs, students continue to have the opportunity to win awards and earn a trip to the Intel ISEF. These awards are monetary and there is a significant increase of different awards.
The science fair has led to  new experiences and various opportunities for me.  If you dare to discover answers to your questions, who knows where it may lead you. 


Aiming for the Top: Isabel Villanueva

Senior Isabel Villanueva excels in and out of class. She is enrolled in AP classes and participates on the Saint Francis Air Rifle Varsity team.
Isabel has been participating in air riflery since her freshman year. She got her start while looking through the list of sports offered at Saint Francis. Isabel was intrigued by the sport because she had never heard of it before and wanted to try it. She was also interested because her father was in the military and she knew he was a pretty good ‘shot’.
After three years of air riflery, it has become more than just a sport to Isabel. Every person has their own way of relieving stress. For Isabel, it became shooting. Villanueva said, “Air riflery has definitely made a huge impact in my life.” Through shooting, Isabel has learned the importance of learning from mistakes and how to move past them.  This is evident in the way she practices and when she shoots during matches.
After she graduates from high school, Isabel wants to continue shooting. Happily, she says, “I would love to shoot in college. I would either like to go to Nevada Reno or Texas Christian University.”
Isabel has appreciated the continuous support of her parents during air riflery.  Her most prized memory remains beating the JV record for precision air rifle. Good luck to all of the air rifle team as they continue to represent Saint Francis well.

Making History Every Field Goal SHE Makes


This varsity football season, Saint Francis School is making history. For the first time ever, we have a female kicker, Chenoa Johnston. I interviewed her to see how she feels to hold such an honor.

When asked what made her want to join the football team she said, “I was at the first game of last year and we were playing Iolani. I heard that they had a girl on their team.  I knew I wanted to play, but I didn’t really think it would happen because I didn’t think I was necessarily good at anything. During soccer season, I realized that I could kick pretty good.  Then, one day, Uncle Kyle told me to try kick the football.  He said I was really good and it just sounded different. After that, I wanted to play because I realized that I could kick and the team didn’t have a kicker.”

Like any other player getting ready to play a game, Chenoa gets nervous, too. I asked her if she gets less nervous with each game she plays.  She said, “After the first kick of my first game I had such an adrenaline rush.  I knew this was something that I loved to do. At the Canada game, I had a sense of what was going to happen.  I was more focused and comfortable, but I still had that amazing feeling after kicking and hearing everyone cheering for me.” Since this is her first year playing football, Chenoa has been faced with some challenges to overcome. She said the most difficult thing about football has been when she first came out to play. She did not know the boys too well and she did not feel like she fit in. At first, she dreaded going to practice.  It felt really awkward and she would have anxiety. Now, she feels like she is in a big family.  They all treat her like she is one of the boys.

Since Chenoa has played soccer, I asked her if football is like any other sport she has ever played.  She said, “Not at all. I feel so much more important.  I finally feel like I found a sport that I truly enjoy playing and I’m sad that I started playing so late. Playing with so many boys is obviously a lot different, but at this point, they are all like brothers to me.”

All the extra points truly help during a game and Chenoa is doing all she can to make history with every single field goal she makes…………………….





Justin Main, MVP

Four hundred meter undefeated ILH runner, Justin Main made Hawaii MVP of the week. He is a junior attending Saint Francis School. Undefeated in the ILH, Justin runs the four hundred meter around 5o seconds. He wants to get his time to 49 seconds. Although he lacks a field to run on, he finds every opportunity to run even if it means running at the University of Hawaii track and field.

Justin made the Saint Francis varsity track and field team since he was eligible as a freshman. Main has a lot of experience for track and field running during the summer for Godspeed. He raced in the Junior Olympics. Although he is undefeated in the ILH, his goal isn’t to beat everyone but to beat his previous time.