Saints Striving To Be Crowned State Champs

What do our boys volleyball team, The Lady Saints softball team, and Taylor Lau have in common?  They are all currently competing for a state title.

Taylor Lau  nearly aced her first two opponents, dropping only one game,  in her first two matches of the girls state tennis tournament.  The boys volleyball team spiked OIA-D2 Champion Farrington in straight sets last night.   The Lady Saints softball team has run-ruled their first two opponents in states, including an 11-1 win over #4 seed Molokai last night at McKinley.

The road gets more tough starting today as our Lady Saints softball team take on #1 seed Kamehameha Hawaii in the semifinals at Rainbow Wahine Softball Stadium at 2:15 p.m.

The Saints boys volleyball team holds serve next against Kapaa in the state semifinals today at 5 p.m. at Hawaii Baptist.  The victor gets a chance to dethrone undefeated Hawaii Baptist Academy, which our Saints took to five sets a couple weeks ago.

On Maui, Saint Francis Senior Taylor Lau won her first match today against  #7 seed Kaitlyn Ralar from Kamehameha Schools Maui 6-2, 6-2.

In the semifinals, taking place now, Taylor next faces # 4 seed Tayvia Yamagata  of Konawaena.  The winner advances to the state championship tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m.  If Taylor can advance to the final, she will have the opportunity to finish her career with three state titles and one runner-up finish.

It is a big day, and hopefully, big weekend for our Saints in States.  Get out and support our Saints.  Show your Saint pride.  Go Saints!

Senior Taylor Lau prepares for a volley at Central Oahu Regional Park.
The varsity softball team huddles before their semi-final game at Rainbow Wahine Softball Stadium.
The lady Saints celebrate a home run hit by Kolbee Kealoha.

Adventure Awaits In Journey To London, Paris, and Madrid

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Europe?  Now, is your chance to live your dream.  Saint Francis School is offering a trip to London, Paris, and Madrid in June of 2018.    The experiences you will gain are difficult to quantify and put a value on.  However,  you will return  a different person.  A trip, such as this, will change your life forever. (See “Travel Changes Lives” video below.)

High School English Teacher, Mr. Funk, will once again be leading the trip to Europe, which takes you through three different countries (England, France, and Spain) to add to your passport. The first group planning meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 2 at 3:30 p.m. in Mr. Funk’s room (321).

If you have any questions, e-mail Mr. Funk at  All current students (8th grade-11th grade) are welcome to attend the meeting to learn more about the trip or begin planning for the adventure that awaits.

For details on the Saint Francis School trip to Europe in 2018, click on the ACIS group trip PDF below.

2018 Saint Francis School Europe Trip

A Bond Tighter Than The Seams Of A Softball

Not many sports teams have a bond that’s completely unbreakable. From crazy handshakes to silly nicknames, these are the things that help make a team’s bond unique. Here at Saint Francis we have sports teams that range from the fields, to the courts, to even the water; and each team has a bond that’s like no other. However, there may not be a bond as tight as the one our softball team seems to have.

The Lady Saints Softball team has always had a deep connection with one another, but last year their team bonding experience really amplified that bond. First baseman Skye Ah Yat says, “I’ve always felt close to the girls on our team, but after we spent the weekend at the beach house together just talking and getting closer really changed things.” Even people outside of the team have seen their bond and have commented on how close the bond is as well. Infield Coach Eddie Kealoha says, “After games coaches from the other teams have come up to us and have said that they can tell our girls have something special. Whether they win or lose the other teams can tell our girls stick together through it all, and that’s something that no team has ever told us.”

I’ve been a member of this varsity team for 3 years, and have been playing for Saint Francis for 7 years, but this year’s team is like no other. We’ve created a bond as thick as ice.  Catcher Kalyn Higa says, “Everyone on our team is unselfish, and we work hard not for ourselves, but for one another.” As an athlete you always hear the saying, “Play for the name on the front of your jersey, not the back,” and our team really does take this saying into consideration. Shortstop Hailey Matsumura says, “This is the first year that it really seems as though everyone is here to be apart of the team. There is no selfishness on the team, and everyone just cares about everyone.”

The Pirates of Penzance JR

On March 10th and 11th, our theatrically-inclined students gave a rendition of “The Pirates of Penzance JR” in the Saint Francis School Auditorium.

Set on the rocky coast of Cornwall, England, “The Pirates of Penzance JR” begins with a group of pirates who are celebrating the birthday of one of their own, Frederic (played by Caesar Amasol), who has reached his 21st year.  Having served the full-length of his required time with the pirates, Frederic decides to strike off on his own and become an upstanding citizen.   However, he soon discovers that it is difficult to escape his past.


Dear Boys,

Dear Boys,

This is how to make your girl feel like a princess.

Besides summer break, Prom is one of the most exciting events to come around in the school year. It only comes around once or twice in our whole high school careers and it is something I have been looking forward to my whole life. Wearing the right dress, having your hair and makeup perfect for the night; it just seems so special. What would make us girls feel even more special is the perfect prom date. Boys, if you’re reading this, this is how you make your girl feel like a princess for the whole night.

Pick her up before the night starts. Girls love some good old-fashioned chivalry. To tell you the truth, there are more guys that don’t have chivalry nowadays than guys who do. This is probably what is going to make you stand out the most during your date. Tell her she looks absolutely stunning and give her flowers. It’s a such a simple gesture. Pick her up and open the door for her, whether it be your car, your parents car or a limo. On the way there, break the ice. Don’t be scared to ask her about her day or anything about herself really. It’ll show her that you’re actually interested in her and that you care.

When you get to prom, try to make the night special for both of you. Be yourself around her and open up. She’ll have a great time with you that way. When you dance, sweep her off her feet. If she steps on your toes and gets embarrassed, tell her she’s doing great and encourage her to dance some more. Wait for the slow dance to come on and really win her over by looking into her eyes. Tell her you had a great time and how much the night meant to you. As one of my friends who wish to keep anonymous said, “Make me feel like I’m in a fairy tale.”


Pictured above: Princess Haley Yoshioka and Prince Jarred Yara at the 2016 Junior/Senior Prom.

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