A Bond Tighter Than The Seams Of A Softball

Not many sports teams have a bond that’s completely unbreakable. From crazy handshakes to silly nicknames, these are the things that help make a team’s bond unique. Here at Saint Francis we have sports teams that range from the fields, to the courts, to even the water; and each team has a bond that’s like no other. However, there may not be a bond as tight as the one our softball team seems to have.

The Lady Saints Softball team has always had a deep connection with one another, but last year their team bonding experience really amplified that bond. First baseman Skye Ah Yat says, “I’ve always felt close to the girls on our team, but after we spent the weekend at the beach house together just talking and getting closer really changed things.” Even people outside of the team have seen their bond and have commented on how close the bond is as well. Infield Coach Eddie Kealoha says, “After games coaches from the other teams have come up to us and have said that they can tell our girls have something special. Whether they win or lose the other teams can tell our girls stick together through it all, and that’s something that no team has ever told us.”

I’ve been a member of this varsity team for 3 years, and have been playing for Saint Francis for 7 years, but this year’s team is like no other. We’ve created a bond as thick as ice.  Catcher Kalyn Higa says, “Everyone on our team is unselfish, and we work hard not for ourselves, but for one another.” As an athlete you always hear the saying, “Play for the name on the front of your jersey, not the back,” and our team really does take this saying into consideration. Shortstop Hailey Matsumura says, “This is the first year that it really seems as though everyone is here to be apart of the team. There is no selfishness on the team, and everyone just cares about everyone.”

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