Where is Graduation?

With the class of 2013 in their last few months of their senior year, the pressure of being the first graduating co-ed class has been placed upon their shoulders. The anxiety of applying to colleges, taking the SAT’s, setting an example for the underclassmen, and living every moment of their last high school year has engulfed their minds – in addition to the most important question: where is graduation going to be held?

Typically, most schools have their location picked and reserved at least a year ahead of time, but this year the location has remained an unsolved problem. The seniors decided to take matter into their own hands.

Mrs. Cameron’s AP Government class was assigned to survey the senior class on their personal preferences. To correlate with what the class was learning, they used their newly accumulated knowledge of polling to go hand-in-hand with trying to come to a overall consensus.

Questions such as, “Do you mind walking for parking?”, “How many guests do you plan on having?”, and “Do you prefer an extravagant or casual location?” were asked among the senior class. Once their data was collected they plugged it in to an online spreadsheet and graphed the results accordingly.

“I thought it was fun to survey my classmates and get to learn more about them.” says senior Janica Sison.

While the project was only an assignment, it could be looked at as a team bonding activity, with the whole class working for a common goal and getting to know about each other’s preferences.

As a result, the school has booked the Ko’olau Ballrooms as the graduation venue for the class of 2013. Please be sure to support your seniors and attend graduation on May 26, 2013.

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