A Day at KSSK

Our recent journalism trip to KSSK radio station was enlightening, informative and fun. We learned about the individuals behind the scenes that make it all happen and even got a chance to talk about Saint Francis on the air.

Mr. Mendosa, the father of our very own junior Zachary Mendosa, conducted the tour. He is the voice behind the KSSK Radio Station, and the person who is in charge of running the playlists. He gave us an in depth tour of his office, as well as a tour of the technological room and the private show room. Sweetie Picarro, one of our very own alumni, also took the time to speak to our class about advertisement and public relations.

Saint Francis’ Brittney McCray was responsible for the advertisement of our T.C. Ching Gym as well as the varsity boy and girl’s game. She got a chance to talk on air and experience how the job is performed. Actually being in the station gave our journalism class the chance to see how the public gets their information and entertainment.

The KSSK tour made our class more knowledgeable about the roles of those at the station, as well as the effort they must put into their job. They aren’t sitting in a room listening to music all day, but rather working hard to please the community. Now when I listen to the radio, I’ll envision the station as it actually is. It’s refreshing to be able to put a face to the voice.

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