True to Blue Homecoming Court

The Homecoming court of 2013 includes freshman Alexis Deocampo and Matthew Evanoff, sophomore Cassandra Osaki and Blaze Umiamaka, juniors Haley McDonald and Zack Mendonsa and the Queen and King is Karalen Takara and Thomas McKee.

The Queen, Karelen was chosen as the senior class homecoming Queen and redundant, “It was nice being chosen, evcn though I didn’t expect it.” The best part for Karelen was looking forward to getting front row seats for both girls and boys basketball games.

When you see the homecoming court, you sometimes wonder, what they are thinking at the moment. For Karelen, all she could think of while walking down the basketball court during the half-time show was, “That I wasn’t wearing any slippers.”

We know that many other school’s homecoming courts would wear those really elegant type dresses, but for ours, it’s traditional dresses. Sometimes they are passed down from the previous homecoming Princess or Queen. One obstacle that Karelen had to overcome was her dress. “The only obstacle I ran into was time. I found a dress the night before.”

Being on the homecoming court is something so special. Some don’t even want to be on it, but some do. It’s when you get dressed up and your family and friends come to support you and you just can’t help but feeling special. It’s an amazing experience because you feel a part of your own school and made history.

Seeing everyone sit down on the sideline of the basketball court in the Manoa gym looked amazing. They looked so proud to be up there and presented themselves very nicely. I bet Sister Joan was very proud of them to be such honors to our 2013 Homecoming court.

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