Superheroes, twins and athletes canvas the hallways during Spirit Week

Saint Francis School started its year off with a colorful and dazzling display of homecoming week! For the first week of the semester, students came to school not in their uniforms, but instead in their most creative outfits that matched each day’s theme.

Homecoming week kicked off on Wednesday, the 9th with ‘twin day.’ Friends got together and matched their outfits and hairstyles to look like each other. From the simple shirt and jeans, to the outrageous outfit planned to the last detail, it was fun seeing students match up with each other. “It’s interesting, because we’re usually in our uniforms and are practically twins with everyone everyday. But seeing students dressed in a way that reflected not only theirs, but their twin’s style was interesting to see!” says senior, Christina Parlin. The following day was ‘Blast from the Past’ day where students came dressed up as hippies, Grease characters and 80s girls. The colorful outfits surely represented the colorful past!

On day 3 of homecoming week was ‘superhero day’ where Spiderman, Batman and other heroes were seen walking the hallways of Saint Francis. Day 4 was ‘class shirt day’ where students proudly wore their present class shirts. Finally, on the last day of homecoming- game day for the girls and boys basketball team- was the ‘Saint Francis Sports Day,’ where students came to school dressed in Saint Francis sports attire. The blue and white attire definitely brought school spirit as the students wore them to the Homecoming basketball games!

Homecoming week was filled with a bevy of color and spirit! Go Saints!

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